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100 % Customer Satisfaction
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100 % Customer Satisfaction
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How are your windows looking?
Did you know? A professional window cleaner can:
  • Spot broken seals: We've trained our eyes to inspect certain parts of the window to determine if the seals are broken or leaking so you can get that fixed sooner than later. Most of the time, the window doesn't even need to be replaced! 
  • Inspect your frames: Alot of pre PVC window frames are made of wood.  We can inspect the windows to find rot and open areas that might be affecting the efficiency of your home.
  • Provide insight about the condition of the glass: Overtime, windows left uncared for can start to be etched with dirt, dust, water stains, and even chemicals.  We offer help by providing you with ways to either prevent this or how to repair the glass.
How We Make Your Windows Gleam!
With all of our window cleaning options, we use an 8 step process to clean the glass:
Step 1: We brush and wiped the frames of dust, cob webs, spider nests, etc
Step 2: We apply solution to the glass in preparation for step 3.
Step 3: We use top quality tools such as industry standard scrapers, steel or bronze wool, and loose wound microfiber clothes to remove all debris, water stains & spots, bird debris, etc from the glass.
Step 4: We rewipe the frames to elimate the dirt and grunge left over from step 3.
Step 5: We re-apply the solution to the glass for the final removal of all debris for a gleaming result. 
Step 6: Using industry standard and top quality squeegees on the market, we use fresh and clean squeegees to remove the solution from the glass.
Step 7: We wipe the frames from the left over solution in step 6 and do a 3-point inspection of the glass to ensure there is no debris or streaks left behind. 
Step 8: We do a final touch up of the glass, if needed, and wipe the glass border from remaining solution. We do a final inspection of the window to see if we can notice any broken seals, cracks, chips or anything else that may impact the future of the window. :)
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